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11 More Surprisingly Powerful Ways to Be a Really Inspiring Person

What lessons can you learn from inspiring people that you can use to inspire the people in your life?

In a previous post, I described 11 ways that Ines Temple, president of LHH-DBM Peru and LHH Chile, is inspired by others–her co-workers, colleagues, friends, and family. These sources of inspiration serve as powerful lessons to Ines for her to inspire others in her own life–and business.

Here are 11 more powerful ways that Ines is inspired by the people in her life. What lessons can you learn from Ines’s inspirations to inspire the people in your own life?

1. I am inspired by people who lead bold projects–who don’t give up on them because of bureaucracy–and pursue them passionately in spite of the red tape. I am inspired by their not being discouraged by those who don’t believe in their projects, who lack the vision to understand them when they are only dreams that may seem too big.

2. I am most inspired by positive ideas that change the course of a meeting, of a team, and even of a life. When these positive ideas break the inertia of the negative–which happens to be everywhere–they become so powerful that they overcome the indifference and corrosive apathy of so many.

3. I am inspired by business cultures in which respect is the core value of the organization. Where respect is afforded equally to people with and without power, to those who are bright and those who are not, to the old ones and the interns, and to those who must leave the organization.

4. Nothing inspires me more than people who are empathetic and generous. Not only do they bring out the best in me, they also make my faith in humanity grow. I am so inspired by modest people who are empathetic and generous having so little: they make me want to be a better person to be like them, at least a little.

5. I am inspired by creative, different, or surprising solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable. People who don’t have an agenda of their own when dealing with problems are almost always the ones who come up with innovative ideas that generate a contagious energy that inspires and drives us all to action.

6. I am inspired by projects that seek to do good and really help–even more so when they are led by well-intentioned people with a transparent soul. Those projects usually have such good vibes that one can only support them, even with a grain of sand. There are so many projects like this; I wish they were talked about a lot more!

7. Few things inspire me more than families where their members support one another and overcome difficulties together–families who are not divided by money or envy and who are capable of prioritizing family relations over inheritance or property.

8. I am inspired by teams that are committed, straightforward, and respect each other in spite of their differences of opinion, training, or way of thinking. Feeling the shared strength of a good team that is capable of joining forces towards a common goal–no matter how hard it can be–inspires me to the point of making me feel as invincible as they do.

9. I am inspired by young people committed to social causes. I am inspired by their energy, their enthusiasm, and their passion to do so much for others honestly and transparently–never giving up because of those who are skeptical or even look at them with scorn or mistrust.

10. I am inspired by couples and friends who love each other through thick and thin. Who support each other, encourage each other, and motivate each other to grow and improve. Who are always loyal to each other in spite of temptation, differences or age, who value being partners or friends above all.

11. I am inspired by the faith I see in some, who also express their faith even if it’s «not cool» to do so. Those who believe that their Creator is always on their side to support them have a special light in them that inspires my own faith.

By Peter Economy
The Leadership Guy@bizzwriter

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