Nothing Sells Better Than Enthusiasm

Original Spanish version published in America Economia  (Peru) on September 22, 2016

Many people are surprised when they can not convince in job interviews. Why do not they choose me? What could be happening? Imagine that I want to work in your business and you interview me. Imagine that I sit before you half downcast and in a very soft voice I say: «I want a job, not that I like the job so much, but I had no other choice, because I need it to support my children. Help me, I would like to do something that does not take much effort because afterwards my back hurts if I work a lot, but give me the job, please, because I need it. » Would you want to hire me? Would you want to hire someone who shows so little interest?

The problem is that many people still believe that they will give a job simply because they need it, and the truth is that the only reason they hire us is to do a good job, contribute and add value to the organization. And certainly one of the things that most differentiates one candidate from another is the desire he shows for working in that position, in that company, because he personally wants and is passionate about doing it. That is, it is crucial to include the passion and enthusiasm factor in this equation.

«One of the things that most differentiates one applicant from another is the desire he shows for working in that position, in that company, because he personally wants and is passionate about doing it.»

In a job interview there are three important circles that the interviewer evaluates. The first is the competencies, skills, abilities, experience, achievements and results of the applicant. The second is if you have the will and desire to do so. And here, as we have seen, is where many people lose points because they do not show enthusiasm, enthusiasm or that «personal claw». The third circle is whether this person or their cultural experience fit with the team and the organization, which is linked to aspects such as personality, values, charisma, cultural level, work culture, fit with the team, type of previous work experiences , etc.

However, one defect that we may suffer from is the fear of showing our interest and our desire and passion. Maybe we think that if we are very interested, they will think that we are desperate for the position, or that we lose strength in a future negotiation. Given this, we think it is better to show ourselves cold, even distant, and not show so much interest. That’s the worst thing you can do to try to sell your services, your products, your profile, your curriculum, your ideas, even! Remember: nothing sells more than

the enthusiasm, the desire, the passion, the brightness of the eyes, the brightness in the eyes being understood as the externalization of an emotion, the enthusiasm for things. Say, for example: «I would like to work here, because I like what they do, I have researched them thoroughly and I see that I really like this company, its values, its people, its culture, its products, its way of operating» demonstrating energy and vitality.

Sometimes we forget that the externalization of an emotion, of our enthusiasm is very «seductive» professionally speaking. It is very difficult for someone to buy our professional services in a contact or work interview if we do not show enthusiasm or enthusiasm. An enthusiastic collaborator is committed, involved and more identified with the company’s objectives. He is more predisposed to learn, to develop new skills and will be a person with whom the rest of the classmates want to work.

In that sense, I encourage you to let go a little more and demonstrate that strength, that desire and do it not only in our professional life, we have to show and put enthusiasm in everything we do. Remember: energy of the good, brightness in the eyes, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, interest, strength are winning words that make one differentiate with the competition and have more chances of winning ‘, to access that or any position or client that want.

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