69906525 elnariz businessman thinking 684x488 - Ines Temple: Is it Time to Change Jobs?
18 marzo, 2018

Ines Temple: Is it Time to Change Jobs?

69906525 elnariz businessman thinking 752x501 - Ines Temple: Is it Time to Change Jobs?

Having accompanied thousands of executives and professionals through their career analysis processes, I can name some internal signs that indicate that it may be time to think seriously about changing jobs and betting on being loyal to oneself. Although this may not seem easy to do, staying in a job where one is not happy is a dead end road, which does not bring anything good. Instead, it has a very negative impact on our performance, level of employability, reputation, and personal brand. Here are some examples of those signs to keep a look out for:

Clearly, our goal is to find a new job that is aligned with our expectations of growth and development, as well as what we like to do, enjoy doing, and can do well, and not stop until we find it, although it may take some time. The challenge is to enter the labor market, bearing in mind that, if possible and ethical, it would be ideal to look for a new job while keeping the current one. For this, it is vital to commit to complying with the goals and objectives for which they pay us and to do so with great respect to our current employer, to our commitments, and assumed assignments. And this is not only for obvious ethical reasons and professional correctness, but because our future references and recommendations will depend on it.

And yes, we deserve to give ourselves the opportunity to find a job that awakens our enthusiasm and passion!

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